How We Help

Selling a Practice

Florida Medical Practice Brokers provides brokerage services to physicians and healthcare groups who trust us to obtain full value for their businesses. The healthcare landscape is continually shifting. As expert brokers, we can help you understand the current brokerage climate, create an exit strategy, and manage the entire selling process from start to finish. You’ll find our approach straightforward, comprehensive, and focused on a successful outcome.

Selling a Practice in Today's market

Achieving an optimum price and terms for your healthcare practice requires wide market exposure. Through powerful advertising and access to our broad database of qualified buyers, we can confidentially expose your healthcare practice to the largest pool of candidates. In today’s changing healthcare market, the buyer may be an individual physician, entrepreneur, medical group, or private equity group. We have the expertise to negotiate and obtain the best possible deal with any type of potential buyer.

Arizona Medical Practice Brokers has no upfront valuation fees, and you only pay a commission when your practice is sold. We pay all marketing expenses. 

Decision to Sell

The journey for the healthcare owner who has decided to sell their practice can be a hard time, both physically and emotionally. As an entrepreneur, you have put your ‘blood-sweat-and-tears’ into one of your most valuable assets – your practice. When you decide that now is the right time to sell, regardless of the reason, it is generally a painstaking and bittersweet process. Our goal is to eliminate the complexities of a transaction and allow you to focus on running your practice.

Our Solution

We successfully manage the entire selling process in a way that lets the seller feel in control of the transaction yet still have the bandwidth to effectively manage day-to-day business operations of your practice.

If you are interested in exploring transition options for your practice, a consultant will contact you for a complimentary practice consultation.

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